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Knowledgeable Travel Professionals: More than 25 employees are dedicated to assist you. Labbaik Services is staffed with the most knowledgeable travel professionals in the industry. Their expertise in organizing trips, Hajj & Umra is unsurpassed.Вour highly qualified professional staff in Saudi Arabia ensure that all you needs are attend to so that your religious experience remains hassle-free.

We are your partners in the holy pursuits of Hajj & Umra and have the pleasure to invite you to experience the highest level and standards of hospitality and service.В



To provide the highest level of standards in hospitality to the pilgrims traveling to the Holy Land with courtesy, dedication and professional expertise and continuously strive for improvements by streamlining, harmonizing and educating the staff for the benefit of the pilgrims, organization and the employees.


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To be the leading Hajj & Umrah Service provider in the world by evolving our existing method of service into an environment that promotes and nurtures service excellence and builds and maintains a customer-oriented culture.


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